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Pantone Inspired

Posted on January 13 2016

Finding balance between beautiful and ethical.

As per usual, Pantone’s 2016 color reveal was a highly anticipated event in the Au Naturale office….and the hype only escalated once we read up on the values behind the Rose Quartz & Serenity selection.  Not only are we in love with the visual components of the colors, but we also embrace and embody the ethical elements that they represent. 

Pantone explained their selection as a “color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”  In case you haven’t been on the Pantone train for past color reveals, this is the first time that they’ve chosen two colors to share the spotlight.  This is because they believe that the mood and attitude prevalent in our 2016 culture has to do with increased fluidity in gender, decreased concern with being typecast, and a harmonization between warmth and tranquility. 

Rose Quartz & Serenity represent a disruption of the traditional, in the sense that they combine two colors when Pantone has been known to choose just one and encourage a new approach to the ways we implement color into the creative world. And at Au Naturale we are all about disrupting what is normative. 

In the beauty industry, it has become normative for cosmetics to be sold and used without a clear understanding of what they are comprised of.  Our mission for 2016 is to challenge this norm by spearheading the #CleanBeautyRevolution, taking our #CleanBeautyLobby to Capitol Hill where we hope to inspire positive legislative change that require cosmetics to be responsibly formulated and transparently labeled.  

Our products defy norms in that they are pure, natural and ethical but we hope that they will inspire change that makes these qualities non-normative.  Pantone says that “consumers seek mindfulness and well-being”, and we are founded on the basis of mindful creation with the intent of giving consumers a healthy option. 

Our Powder Eye Shadows in Bliss and Sea Holly are meant to reflect Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity respectively.  Sea Holly’s shimmery blue pigment conveys the weightless respite that is characteristic of Pantone’s Serenity.  And Bliss is a warm soft pink hue with luster that channels both composure and compassion representative of Pantone’s Rose Quartz. 

We hope that you are just as enthused as we are to make 2016 a year of creative freedom, change and balance. 




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