"The Essentials Collection was inspired by self-love, the most essential form of love. When we strip away all of the extra —materials, career, relationships, etc— we're left with our most vulnerable and beautiful self. This collection is an ode to ourselves, celebrating who we are and where we are in this moment. We deserve to feel beautiful and to take care of ourselves always, no matter what's happening to us or around us.

The collection consists of one highlighter and two glosses, a beautiful shade palette that can be worn together or separate, and that will complement every skin tone. Each item can be worn in its traditional use, or as a multi product. The glosses give the lips a kissable finish, and also make for a dewy highlight or glossy lid. The highlight perfectly pecks the cheekbones, and can also be applied to the lids or clavicles for an extra pop.

Keep The Essentials Collection in your bag, as it's the perfect go-to for every look, every season."

xo Essence