Palma: a shimmery beige. 
Shiraz:  a light luminous plum with pink undertones. 
Addiction: a deep shimmering antique gold. 
Bora Bora: a bright aquamarine blue. 
Kiki: a sheer pearlescent lilac. 
Saddle: a deep matte brown. 
White Quartz: a luminous white. 
Bliss: a soft, warm pink hue with luster. 
Vintage: an antique grey with pink and green undertones.
Coffee: a metallic light brown with hints of bronze. 
Ivory: cream with subtle gold undertones. 
Haze: a warm rose shimmer.
Mist: a pale blue shimmer.
Vine: a metallic olive green.
Fog: a pearlescent smoky violet.
Dusk: a pearlescent rose taupe.
Dew: a dark teal with sparkle.