Use the spatula to combine our conscious pigments with our award-winning Anywhere Creme Multistick base on a flat, non-porous surface to mix your own custom multistick colors. With four empty jars included, you can create a full-spectrum palette, from mild to wild. 

Tips from our team:

Less is more: Start mixing with a small amount of pigment and add more as you go. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away!

Consistency is key: Keep in mind the consistency of your creation - too much pigment will cause dryness! We suggest mixing 2/3 base to 1/3 pigment.

Don’t be afraid: Try a color outside of your comfort zone! They always say “go big, or go home” - but you’re already home so what do you have to lose?

*Optional - Use a small, microwaveable container to melt the base before you add your pigment. Stir and pour into glass jars.