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  • gear up.

  • advocate.

  • advocate more.

Clean Beauty Revolution Tee
Got your shirt? Time to advocate...
Clean Beauty Revolution Tee Clean Beauty Revolution Tee Clean Beauty Revolution Tee


The #CleanBeautyRevolution is all about advocacy. That's why we've created a trendy tee for our lobbyists to flaunt. Party in the front (snazzy square & your beautiful face), business in the back (v important facts)...this shirt is not merely a shirt, but a conversation piece. Use it as an excuse to tell everyone about the clean beauty movement that you're a part of. We wanted our shirts to reflect our ethics, so they were sourced from Bella+Canvas, designed them in-house and had them printed locally.

What is the #CleanBeautyRevolution?

A movement demanding clear & transparent labeling of beauty products in the United States. Many people like to assume the best about regulations in the cosmetics industry, but the reality is: legislation in the US hasn’t been touched since the 1930’s & the FDA has banned a mere 12 ingredients from legal use in cosmetics products. Meanwhile, the EU has banned over 1,300. The Clean Beauty Revolution is about demanding better by creating a clean beauty standard.

What's the status of the #CleanBeautyRevolution?

Au Naturale Cosmetics supports the Personal Care Products Safety Act, which was proposed by Sen. Feinstein to demand more detailed regulation of product ingredients. Beyond the PCPSA, Au Naturale leading the #CleanBeautyRevolution by creating a trade organization that will elevate the conversation about clean beauty. All efforts are formally paused until the new congress members are inaugurated at which point the clean beauty crew is poised to dominate.

What's your role in the #CleanBeautyRevolution?

The biggest challenge in creating new regulation is rallying enough voices to demand change. That’s why advocacy is so important & thus why your role as a clean beauty advocate is vital to the success of the movement. It is up to you to make fellow consumers aware of the cold hard truths. i.e. the term cosmetics includes but is not limited to makeup…it applies to all products you put on your body (think body wash, shampoo, lotion, etc.) and your skin is your biggest organ and the chemicals in said products wind up in your bloodstream!

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