"Free to Play" Mini Multistick Kit

$40 $96

There are a lot of things we can't do right now, but there is no better time to unleash your creativity. With our Mini-Multistick Kit you're:

Free to dream. Free to create. Free to blend. Free to explore. Free to share. Free to express. And most importantly, you're Free to Play.

Because right now, the world could use your color.

Color: Mauve

Use the spatula to combine our conscious pigments with our award-winning Anywhere Creme Multistick base on a flat, non-porous surface to mix your own custom multistick colors. With four empty jars included, you can create a full-spectrum palette, from mild to wild. 

Tips from our team:

Less is more: Start mixing with a small amount of pigment and add more as you go. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away!

Consistency is key: Keep in mind the consistency of your creation - too much pigment will cause dryness! We suggest mixing 2/3 base to 1/3 pigment.

Don’t be afraid: Try a color outside of your comfort zone! They always say “go big, or go home” - but you’re already home so what do you have to lose?

*Optional - Use a small, microwaveable container to melt the base before you add your pigment. Stir and pour into glass jars.

Peachy Keen: Love peach and coral hues? This is the kit for you! It includes a bright coral, matte nude peach and a satin apricot pigment. Mix ‘n match to create that perfect, peachy glow.

We’re Blushing: More into pink, rose shades? Try our Blush kit. Including a vibrant magenta, muted strawberry red and a sheer pink nude, this kit will help to create that effortless, natural flush.

It’s Mauve-lous! Plummy mauves more your speed? This mauve kit includes a shimmering orchid, a matte, nude mauve and a deep berry plum color for a classic, soft look.