IT STICK (Pre-Order)


The IT STICK is (almost) here! Our highly anticipated IT STICK is a sustainable superhero formulated for eyes, cheeks, and lips with rich, organic ingredients and 50 shades of clean color. The IT STICK has been a labor of love, carefully curated from formulation to finished packaging.

Created with You (and Earth) in Mind
Our highly anticipated IT STICK has been created with your health and the health of our planet in mind. The IT STICK is packaged in hemp-based biodegradable plastic produced by a key supplier located near our lab facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This revolutionary plastic can be recycled at end of life, or tossed in the trash where it will quickly break down.

Why a ‘Pre-Release’?
We are pre-releasing the IT STICK before its official launch because we want to raise much-needed funds for the reconstruction of our lab, which was destroyed when a reckless driver hit our building and it collapsed. While no team member was injured in the accident, (it happened late at night on Sunday, July 23), most of our inventory and materials were lost. Luckily, we have backup storage facilities, so we will be up and running again shortly. But this unforeseen accident has saddled our small business with additional costs and duties we now must absorb.

Pre-Order Today. Get Free Gifts.
Pre-order the IT Stick today (at our reduced pre-release price) and we will include with your order a free makeup bag and a glass jar of our famous creme eye shadow. There is no limit to how many IT STICK you can pre-order. Remember, each IT STICK you purchase helps to support our recovery and rebuild. Shipments of the IT STICK are expected to arrive early October.