New Moon in Capricorn 2021

2021 starts off with a couple of big bangs, one being this very juicy New Moon in Capricorn coming up tonight (Wednesday Jan 13th at 12.00 AM EST).

This is first New Moon since the BIG conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius (Dec 21), so the first New Moon of a 20 year cycle. Therefore, please allow yourself to dream big, think big & think longterm.

What is your vision of life?
What would you like to become within that cycle?
Where would you like to see yourself in 20 years?

You can now initiate the first steps into to making your dreams & visions a reality. Even small steps can make a difference as long as you start your journey.

This coming New Moon in Capricorn is all about (re-)structure & change (of power). Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is playing a big role, as we are longing for change. Pluto brings to the surface what needs to be revealed. Pluto is about power, abuse of power and control. It teaches us to let go of what we no longer want in our lives. So this particular New Moon is not only a great time to manifest into what you want to bring into your life, but also what also a good time to let go (people, behaviors, old karma, old structures, etc.). Let go of everything that is holding you back from living your life in a happy way.

Do you feel in control of your own life?
Do you feel empowered to live your life to the fullest?
Do you feel you would like to change something?

This New Moon can bring up a couple of surprises around your relationships with this trine of Uranus to Venus in Capricorn. Maybe you bump into an old lover. Maybe an old friend comes back into your life. If you keep your eyes & heart open, magic can happen. Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions, events and lots of surprises in the next couple of weeks. Expect the unexpected because Uranus will be keeping us on our toes. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild month.

Ground yourself through meditation, sleep, nature walks, soul food, a long hug with your partner, kid, cat, dog.

Create a vision board to visualize your dreams.
Journal about your visions & dreams.

Stay safe & grounded.

Antje Sommer, Astrologer


Antje Sommer is a professional astrologer who offers empowering chart readings and supportive workshops.

Born in Bavaria, Germany, she studied languages and economics. Antje discovered the world living in Paris, Melbourne & London. She started Brooklyn Astrology in 2019, and due to her language skills she works with clients around the world. Antje loves to see her clients thrive through astrological wisdom and gives down-to-earth advice for people going through life transitions or looking for growth based on the information revealed in their birth charts and the actual energies in the sky.

Antje spent fifteen successful years in the corporate world, including Rolls-Royce and Sony Music, yet ultimately decided to elevate her passion for astrology into a new profession. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two daughters.

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