Revolutionary Clean Beauty: A Purist's Approach

“Clean Cosmetics” is a constantly evolving term that is becoming increasingly common in the market. You can see it being used across the industry, from Sephora (see Sephora’s “Clean At Sephora” beauty catagory that includes PEGS and Parabens), to Follain (see beauty Retailer Follain’s Clean Beauty Standard).

We at Au Naturale take a purist’s approach to clean beauty: using only naturally and organically derived ingredients paired with minerals that are free from child labor and high heavy metal counts. We see our path to clean color cosmetics as revolutionary; seeking only the best process and ingredients to achieve the cleanest color cosmetics on the market. And it really is a path, as we believe in continuous learning and improvement.

In order to bring the Au Naturale vision of clean beauty to life, our management team routinely does everything from vetting ingredients at the source, to talking with subject matter experts and scientists and cherry picking the most trusted people in the natural beauty space to support our supply chain. In this blog post, I want to highlight two of our standout supply chain partners that move the needle for Au Naturale.

One of our most coveted partners is Gay Timmons, owner and founder of Oh, Oh Organic, an organic raw ingredient vendor. Gay is an authority in organic, and understands everything from the crucial ways organic ingredients behave in formulations to the very processes in which organic ingredients can be harvested without compromising integrity.  After meeting Gay, I quickly came to think of her as the “Fairy Godmother of Organic.” She’s hardly a secret to us, as she is adored by leaders I dearly admire in the space - like Greg and Joanne Starkman of Innersense, Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny, to Kari Gran herself!  

Yet supplier selection is only one part of the Clean beauty equation. Testing for quality and safety is just as important. That’s why I like to think of Thionville Laboratories, LLC, one of our testing partners, as one of our cornerstones. We find it a best practice at our lab facility to third party check our raw ingredient vendors, which means we are routinely running tests for Ph levels, Heavy Metals content, Stability, and Fatty Acids. Working with Thionville lends additional safeguards to our products, and by default, our cherished customers. We love their team, and are excited to work with them on everything from raw organic and natural ingredients to mineral and finished product testing. In Thionville we trust!

As we move forward, I look forward to introducing you to more of the partners that make Clean happen.


Ashley Prange, Founder Au Naturale Cosmetics

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