Sustainable Sparkle: The New Glitter

What is Pride without glitter?

What is a childhood without glitter?

How can you glam up your look without glitter?

These are the serious questions I asked myself when it became clear that glitter was contaminating our earth. It may not seem like this small, fun, dazzling item could cause so much damage, but it’s wreaking havoc. From fingernail polishes that twinkle to eye shadows that sparkle, we are all attracted to the glamour of glitter—but where does glitter come from and where does it wash away after its luminous enchantment has come to a close? 

Glitter as Ocean Pollution

To put it plainly, glitter comes from plastic, and its direct impact on our environment is felt most notably in our oceans where microplastics have contaminated everything from the fish we eat to the beaches we enjoy.

For anyone that has ever used glitter in an art project or even when removing glitter makeup from your body, you know that the shiny bits get everywhere. When used on a massive scale by a variety of people around the globe, glitter finds its way into every corner of the world — and you know how hard it is to get glitter out of anything!

Glitter Impacts Health

Glitter has an adverse effect on your health: Some research has found that PET, the plastic most glitter is made from, can break down and release chemicals that can disrupt human and animal hormones.

Banning Glitter

The United Kingdom and European Union are already taking measures to ban glitter, and conversations to replicate these same policy measures are taking place in the United States.

This may seem like a drastic measure, but when you consider how much of an impact glitter has on the planet, it’s one small step to ensure we have a place to live. The implications can be far reaching to ensure that humans and animals can live as healthy of an existence as possible.

Glitter Alternatives

Finding plastic-free glitter alternatives ensures that people can still buy products that allow them to sparkle and shine, and natural alternatives are currently being considered. Ethically sourced micas and plant based “eco-glitter” exist and are used in personal care products like Au Naturale Cosmetics. Innovation in the world of eco-friendly glitter alternatives is on the rise and suppliers need your moral support to ensure these alternatives become the new gold standard!

Understanding glitter and its sustainable, natural glitter alternatives can help support your efforts to change the world with the power of your purse! So let’s get to it! Check out the variety of makeup options with glitter alternatives that Au Naturale Cosmetics has to offer. Not only will you look good wearing it, but you’ll also be helping the environment.

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