Why the Anywhere Creme Multistick Should Be On Your 'Deserted Island' Must-Have List

Many of us have spent time playing the deserted island game, and if you haven’t the concept is very simple. You’re stranded on a deserted island and you somehow are magically allowed (hopefully an endless supply) of any three products of your choice.

Everyone’s first answer should be sunscreen, so in this version the island provides it for you and *bonus* it smells like coconuts. If you somehow disagree that sunscreen should be your first choice, that’s a virtual conversation for another day! 

But then with no hesitation, if you want versatility, buildable, safe, gorgeous color that will completely melt in your skin like butter, you absolutely must choose the 3-in-1 Anywhere Creme Multistick. The most user-friendly multitasking hero of any deserted island (or makeup bag for that matter)! 

au Naturale only uses colorants that are naturally-derived and truly safe (read more here) so you can be #FreeToPlay with the color in ways not normally recommended. Pink and red dyes have traditionally been made from heavy metals or even bugs (yuck!) and can be incredibly irritating to our skin and eye areas. At aN we only use safe, natural ingredients—so go ahead and pop that color anywhere you wish!

Multisticks are not just good for color, they add hydration and antioxidants giving your skin a natural glow. Packed full of Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil and vitamin E, this product is not only functional, it’s fun! Which makes it a versatile skincare/cosmetics hybrid perfect for island living. It’s also based in Meadowfoam Seed Oil—which has a higher melting point—making it the ideal product for warmer weather.

This 3-in-1 creme gives you endless ways to change up your look! Use your Anywhere Creme Multistick like a giant crayon, running it across your cheek from apple up towards your hairline. Stipple (bounce or lightly press) the product with your fingers to blend. 

Press the color all over your lid and run along your lower lash line giving you a fresh bold look to go with your sun-kissed skin. 

And let’s not forget the Anywhere Creme Multistick can double as a lip color so apply it as such for long-lasting, hydrating color. 

So the next time you play the deserted island game, au Naturale’s Anywhere Creme Multistick should be at the top of your list. With 9 colors to choose from, the other two items you are allowed to bring should obviously be more multisticks in a couple other colors.  

Written by guest contributor + Senior MUA: AJ Miller @vampartistry

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