The #CleanBeautyRevolution demands clear, transparent labelling of beauty products in the United States. It advocates for the consumer's right to know what ingredients go into the products that they consume so they can make healthy and informed purchasing decisions.

We are calling for stricter legislation to monitor the cosmetics industry and protect the health of consumers and the integrity of products. Too many products are labelled as organic, green or all-natural with little to no evidence to back up the claim.

We are calling for an end to ambiguous labelling. We want the word 'natural' to carry legal weight so that green washing is no longer normative in the cosmetics industry. In Europe, over 1,300 ingredients used in cosmetics have been banned by the European Union, while in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has banned just ten ingredients to date. The United States cosmetics industry has not seen any regulation since the 1930's. 

We are asking law makers to make cosmetics safe by creating a Clean Beauty Standard that will protect consumers against harsh chemicals, beginning with required ingredient transparency. This means clear and accountable labelling of all cosmetics products.

Join the #CleanBeautyRevolution by signing our petition and spreading the word to your own network! This way, thousands of voices will be heard when we sit down with members of Congress this spring. This movement starts now and ends once the labels on all cosmetic products are transparent, toxic ingredients are banned and a clean beauty standard has been established.

Because nobody should have to compromise their health for their beauty.