aN x Alexis Krauss

au Naturale is my go to for clean, ethical and sustainable beauty. It has been a dream to collaborate with the fierce and forward-thinking women behind the brand. This collection was inspired by my love of exploring the natural world, especially the desert, and my passion for performing and being onstage with Sleigh Bells. We worked to create versatile colors with just the right amount of sparkle and pop. You can rock this collection outside either on a hike or climb with friends, or in the evening at a show or party. 

I’m thrilled that a percentage of sales will be donated to Young Women Who Crush. Young Women Who Crush (YWWC) is a rock climbing and leadership development program serving young women and gender expansive youth from New York City public schools.

YWWC empowers young people to become not just rock climbers, but leaders in both their communities and the outdoors. YWWC was founded by myself, Eva Kalea and Emily Varisco in 2017. As avid rock climbers we are all passionate about sharing our love of climbing with others, especially young people. Over the years YWWC has grown into an incredible community of dedicated mentees and volunteer mentors. 

The thing that impresses me most about our community is our vulnerability. We’ve spent years building trust and creating safe spaces for our students where they can truly thrive as themselves. Climbing has long been a male dominated sport and YWWC ensures that women and gender expansive youth, especially those from underrepresented communities, have the opportunity to climb and explore the outdoors in welcoming and accessible spaces.




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