A Premium Ethics Upgrade - Why Vegan Brushes are Better.

It’s astounding for me to imagine that in 2021 real animal fur brushes are still being manufactured all around the world when a premium, cruelty-free option exists. In honor of National Vegan Month we want to talk about why vegan brushes are the better alternative.

Let’s begin with application and longevity: 

Real animal hair degrades, balls up, and binds over time as it is used with cosmetics and skincare products. Many makeup companies promote animal hair brushes by citing that they are softer and a better ability to “carry color”–we argue that this is NOT the case.

From the inception of the aN brand, we've always carried vegan and cruelty-free brushes. For over a decade, we've gotten rave reviews of our premium synthetic cruelty-free and vegan brush collection. Animal hair brushes also require conditioning and routine cleansing, not to mention the continuous shedding over time as the brush is used.  Our premium synthetic vegan brushes are easier to clean, require less maintenance and endure for years.

Let’s talk ethics:

It’s a hard reality to discuss this subject, which is why not many makeup companies elaborate on how makeup brushes made of animal hair are processed. We'll spare you the gruesome images and leave you to google at your own discretion (clicking on the images related to this subject are NOT for the faint of heart!)  

Ultimately, if an animal is killed prior to harvesting their hair, a chemical compound is released that makes the hair stiff and unusable. Animals are typically skinned alive so that the harvested hair remains soft and supple for use not only in makeup brushes, but also in any other products where animal hair is found (think fur trimmed jackets, hats, gloves, etc). Victims of the fur trade include, but are not limited to: sables, foxes, beavers, minks, and rabbits.  We at au Naturale believe that supporting a product that promotes animals being skinned alive and slowly suffering to their death is absolutely inhumane and abhorrent.

We have always pushed for vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, cosmetic products and application tools and we always will. We will never stand silent on this issue. 

We at au Naturale believe in a beauty industry free of pain and suffering. Become a cosmetic vegan, save a life and make a statement.




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