Finishing Powder Pro - Application, Clinical Data + Performance.

Is there really a natural cosmetics miracle powder that is clinically proven to mattify shine, absorb oil without a cakey finish, blur lines and imperfections all without zero photography flashback? After working with Swedish chemists for years, we are happy to share that miracle product AND the clinical data to support its super-hero status. Introducing the Finishing Powder Pro. Prepare to be astonished!

As an on-the-go professional dealing with combination skin throughout the year with an itinerary ranging from casual to evening–I can offer testament to the performance of the NEW Finishing Powder Pro. Quite literally, it has changed my life.


How the au Naturale Finishing Powder Pro Has Changed My Life:

Endless Endurance

The NEW Finishing Powder Pro formula makes me picture perfect from 7am - 10pm! I’m not joking. I apply my makeup after my morning coffee, and do not retouch all day. If I do need a retouch, the Finishing Powder Pro locks in my look while allowing me to reapply without a cakey finish. It is ideal for layering when your makeup needs to build to complement your day.  When I say this product is “picture perfect,” I mean it. There is NO FLASHBACK with this product. Most cosmetic foundations are based in Titanium Dioxide which is second most reflective to diamonds, making flashback an issue on camera. Our Finishing Powder Pro more than combats flashback that leads to a lighter, blown out appearance on camera. It omits the issue while keeping your makeup intact. Talk about a Clean Beauty Revolution®.


Shining from the Inside, Not Out!

My combination skin brings on a glow that has never been tamed, until now. When I use Finishing Powder Pro, my glow is a complete non-issue, even after 8 hours of wear! This statement is incredibly bold to make, so we at au Naturale have invested in clinical studies to prove the revolutionary absorbency of our Finishing Powder Pro. For reference, our Pore Minimizing Finishing Powder has been a best-seller for ten years. Our customers love it’s performance– but the NEW Finishing Powder Pro is 400% more absorbent than our current Finishing Powder. au Naturale Finishing Powder Pro is TRULY REVOLUTIONARY! 

Blurring the Lines

Pending the season, hormone cycle, stress level and hydration, our skin imperfections are heightened. Au Naturale Finishing Powder Pro is clinically proven to blur fine lines, wrinkles, pore size brought on by the everyday stressors of life. 

SuperNatural Powerhouse

Processed using a prolonged, heat induced process that refines Magnesium, our Finishing Powder Pro is so absorbent it can go to the moon and back, naturally. This is where brains meet beauty- innovation at its highest degree. Our mission of creating natural, vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free beauty continues with our debut of Finishing Powder Pro!

I hope this product makes your life a little easier- bringing more smiles and joy to your life!



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