How Nordstrom’s Fresh Faces Pop-In is Revolutionizing Natural Beauty

Clean standards, inclusivity and sage advice from some of clean beauty’s most brilliant founders.

On March 1st Nordstrom launched a hand-curated pop-up collection of natural beauty products titled “Fresh Faces”. Not only are we proud to announce that we are amongst the brands featured in this stunning collection - but we are honored to be a part of what we consider a truly notable moment in the clean beauty movement.

What makes this pop-in particularly revolutionary?

To see a luxury power-house like Nordstrom feature small, natural beauty brands - speaks volumes to just how far clean beauty has come in terms of performance. But perhaps even more notable is the fact that the brands selected were even more niche in their expertise - offering a vast spectrum of products suitable for all skin tones and types.

Historically, the beauty industry has come up short in terms of providing all consumers with products that were curated with their skin tone in mind.  The fact that Nordstrom was able to hand pick a number of products that are both clean and inclusive is indicative of an evolving industry.

We have always seen it as our responsibility to provide our customers with the information and education necessary to make healthy decisions. But what good is consumer education if you are not also seeing to it that everyone has access to a healthy alternative?!

Clean and natural beauty has come a long way over the last few years - much of this progress being made by small brands themselves - telling their raw and transparent stories to an audience craving authenticity. Yet this intersection of the notorious-luxurious and the new-natural might just be the beginning of a new chapter for the industry at large.

“We are beyond thrilled that a legacy brand like Nordstrom has chosen to amplify the Clean Color Revolution by enhancing their beauty category with clean beauty - we are grateful to be a part of this movement!" - Ashley Prange - Founder + CEO of Au Naturale. 

The Fresh Faces Pop-In is live now through April 14th at select locations in the US and Canada. Click here to see if there is a location near you - and if there isn’t - fear not! You are able to shop the pop-in and learn about these revolutionary brands online as well.

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