Neiman Marcus Shop The Expo: A Recap

This past weekend we made a trek to Neiman Marcus' Fashion Island outpost in Newport Beach, CA for Shop the Expo - a two day event hosted by Indie Beauty Expo and Neiman Marcus - and we're still coming down from the inspiration high. 

Why so inspired? It's not every day that you are invited to represent the indie beauty industry in front of such a timeless luxury audience as the Neiman Marcus customer. But perhaps just as inspiring was standing alongside 15 other brilliant indie brands. 

It is an exciting time in the indie beauty industry - as everyone seems to be craving the authenticity that is often laced throughout the stories of a small startup or brand. 

"We really enjoy doing something new and different for our incredible customers.  They love a great experience and a great story," said Leyla Vokhshoori, vice president and general manager of neiman Marcus at Fashion Island to Beauty Independent earlier this week. "Our customers are thirsty to hear these founder stories. They embrace them. We believe in these brands, and it gives us the opportunity to share these hidden treasures and missions."

*quote from Beauty independent article - full story here*

After speaking with fellow brand founders and front-men/women - it was hard not to feel a sense of giddy excitement. The indie beauty space is full of brilliant and motivated minds who are determined to bridge the worlds of luxury and small business in their own unique ways - and we are excited to continue grow alongside these brands as it the industry evolves. 

Didn't make it to the event? Here's what you need to know! 

  • We are not currently available in stores, but you can shop our curated selection of products via Neiman Marcus' website here
  • We heard a slew of incredible brand stories from fellow featured indie beauty companies and we highly recommend you check them out! Here's a list to get you started: Oh Oh Organic, Olive+M , Abott NYC and Imbibe. 
  • The partnership between the Indie Beauty Expo and Neiman Marcus teams is one to keep your eye on - they've only just begun revolutionizing the luxe beauty industry and we are so appreciative to be a part of their incredible work! 


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