Ingredient Spotlight: Xylityl Cocoate

After over seven years of formulating, Au Naturale has perfected the beauty industry's first synthetic free, vegan, and purely natural mascara boasting the first organic preservative on the market called Xylityl Cocoate.

Last week we made a very Bold Statement by standing up to the many challenges natural mascaras face (transference, flaking, and ingredient lists that do not live up to our organic standards) and launching our world-class Vegan Mascara.

Mascara is a natural cosmetic formulator's nightmare as the eye area can easily grow bacteria, and natural mascara formulations generally need to include water, which grows bacteria easily.  Putting mascara on the market that includes water but lacks a preservative is irresponsible, and would likely never pass a third party challenge test for safety.  

Au Naturale has never included manufactured preservatives in our color cosmetics (as we have never had water in our formulations), and thus found the notion of carrying a mascara daunting. We did not want to drop our claims of being paraben free (preservative free), hence a mascara was baffling until we encountered an ingredient a physicist was working on that promised to be the first USDA organic preservative on the market: THIS ingredient made our mascara possible!

Xylityl Cocoate provides high performance while fulfilling strict organic certification criteria, and works with 12 other clean ingredients to deliver the Au Naturale Bold Statement Vegan Mascara's volume, length and staying power while remaining within the scope of USDA Organic and NSF-305 formulation standards.

How's that for a #CleanColorRevolution?


Ashley Prange

Founder/CEO Au Naturale 

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I need a hypoallergenic mascara. Will yours meet that requirement?

Barbara December 11, 2019

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