Products made by people, for people + planet.

What sets us apart from the majority of other cosmetics lines on the market?

au Naturale products are made fresh daily, in our own private facility, by the hands of hardworking women who value your well-being and the well-being of the planet above all else. 

Since 2011, we have created conscious cosmetics from scratch–researching every organic and natural ingredient’s integrity before utilizing it in our formulas. We’ve had years of practice to ensure that every step of our small-batch production process is done in a sustainable, ethical, consistent and efficient way. 

The current cosmetic manufacturing landscape is based on contract manufacturing. Each brand hires a third party manufacturing company to formulate, source ingredients and produce their end products. Many of these third party fillers lack transparency in both process and formulation, and in the name of proprietary, rarely divulge the sources of their ingredients or the final formulations. 

That’s not good enough for us. 

By managing our supply chain and overseeing our own production, we are able to ensure maximum control, transparency, flexibility and freshness while we consciously create products that are good for people + the planet. 

But why should those things matter to you, the consumer?

Small-batch manufacturing has a lot of benefits for both the brand and the consumer.  At aN, we have over 150(!) different products. When working with third party contract manufacturers you’re required to hit minimum numbers for all products ordered, often in the thousands for each individual color. That’s a lot of waste. By hand-crafting our products in our own private lab, we have a lot more control over what we make, how much we make, how frequently we produce and how quickly we create new products.

This flexibility means your products are fresher, more consistent, more trend forward, and ultimately just better all-around. 

This control also allows us to be 100% sure of what is going into your products without any risk of cross contamination. We work closely with all of our rigorously vetted suppliers to ensure that all raw ingredients that enter our facility abide by our standards–naturally derived, sustainably sourced, ethically harvested, purely processed, cruelty-free + vegan. 

Small-Batch Manufacturing + Sustainability: 

au Naturale is a brand, a manufacturer and a distributor. This means that we produce, market and ship our products in-house. This not only promotes sustainability through our raw materials and packaging, but also our environmental footprint overall. By handling all aspects of the business directly from aN HQ, we eliminate the extra transport and packaging waste that would be needed to ship raw materials and finished goods from supplier to third party manufacturer to warehouse to the final destination–you!

Our team handles the journey of each au Naturale product from raw materials to finished product to shipping our bespoke beauty right to your doorstep. We keep things simple :) 

Giving You Our Best:

One thing each of our team members has in common is dedication and care for you, our customer, and this planet.  Our ethics at au Naturale are reflected in our product. We truly care! As a result of our all female, in-house team, we are able to give you the best product made of true heart and soul. 

Thank you for supporting us, and giving us the opportunity to lovingly create conscious cosmetics for you. 

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