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Words like “clean” and “natural” are so common in beauty today, many of us don’t stop and question what it really means for the formulas, or for your skin. We use these words everyday, and it’s even in our tagline, Clean Color Revolution. I suspect these terms mean different things to different founders, so I want to take a pause and reiterate what these powerful words mean to Au Naturale.

Let’s start with the basics. To us, the word “natural” means close to, and in support of, nature and the environment. When we use this word, it is to communicate that a product is plant-based, free of synthetics and has a low to net-zero environmental impact, and involves the use of organic, raw ingredients used to create a finished product. If a “natural” product cannot make these claims, then I question the integrity of the word choice.  

But at Au Naturale, we take it a step further. It’s not enough for us to supervise the creation of clean and natural products. The creative process begins and ends with us.  We formulate in our vertically integrated lab, which allows us the highest level of quality assurance and transparency, two of the most important promises we make to our customers. This level of visibility has engendered trust, and gives our customers confidence that they are “free to play”...not just with the full spectrum of 180+ makeup colors that we offer, but that all of our formulas are free of unnatural, toxic ingredients.

Our vertically integrated lab also gives US freedom to play, as we did this month. We had so much fun in our “powder room” (where our thousands of pigments live!) concocting a kaleidoscope of colors made with good-for-you ingredients. We shared our top 9 shades, and we’re letting YOU decide on your favorite three. Our unique ability to customize product development based on customer demand is just one more way we’re championing a Clean Color Revolution! 

Please FEEL FREE to PLAY with Au Naturale and know that while you are looking beautiful, you are also doing beautiful things to improve our precious planet.  


Ashley Prange

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do your products contain parabens or phthalates?

Jane December 11, 2019

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