Celebrating the Ladies of Au Naturale

This year, the campaign theme for International Women's Day is #BalanceForBetter - a message highlighting the importance of a gender balanced world.

It calls us to pause and note where gender balance both exists and is absent in our day to day lives. The objective of the campaign is to use grassroots activism to call individuals of all genders, races and demographics to work toward gender balance in their own circles  - as it is a necessary element in creating a thriving economy and community.  

"Balance is not a woman's issue, it's a business issue. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balanced of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender balanced sports coverage..." states the official International Women's Day web page

This got us to thinking...

What role is our team already playing in the greater movement toward a gender balanced world? And how can we continue to drive this message forward?

Not only is Au Naturale female founded and owned, but our team is over 50% female with women making up the majority of each internal team from production to customer service to marketing, sales and creative. And while we are very proud of our internal balance, we are just as enthusiastic about our mission to create balance beyond the walls of our lab...

Our mission at Au Naturale is to provide women with the products and information that they need in order to live a truly healthy life. By educating consumers on personal care product safety and equipping them with accessible clean products, we hope to leave women feeling empowered, in control and ready to demand balance in their own communities. 

SO - today we celebrate the women on our team who bring this mission to life each day! Meet the women of Au Naturale: 

Ashley Prange - CEO + Founder 

Our fearless leader and woman with a vision. Notorious for her creativity and love for the environment - we are ever inspired by her unyielding determination and infinitely grateful that she had the guts to bring Au Naturale to life! 

Rose  - Director of Production 

The vibrant soul who sees to it that your products are made fresh daily with love and to the tune of a bumpin' Spotify playlist. We would be lost without Rosie's infinite energy and make-it-happen attitude. 

Paige  - Director of Creative

A creative queen with a knack for infusing Au Naturale with fresh color and imagery.  From blending up new colors in our powder room to designing digital files, displays and booths - this lady does it all. There would be no #CleanColorRevolution without this woman! 

Larisa  - Project Manager

She's the woman in charge of some of our most tedious projects. Thanks to Larisa, our retail partners are always equipped with samples and specialized requests...and our team is perpetually inspired by her unwavering patience and kindness! 

Kendra - Production Specialist

Known in the lab as the "pouring queen" and "lipstick specialist", Kendra is the woman in charge of our production projects that require maximal precision.  She is a perfectionist through and through and a true force when it comes to continually raising the bar as a team! 

Cindy - Powder Princess/Specialist

The woman responsible for ensuring your Au Naturale powder products are pure, pristine and potted up flawlessly. Our powders are stunning, but not always easy to work with - so we are endlessly thankful for Cindy's attention to detail and tenacious attitude! 

Morgan - Director of Marketing 

Graced with a silver tongue and a resting friend face - Morgan is more than just a social butterfly - she is the keeper of au nat’s information highway! From social media and PR, blogger and affiliate relations, and quick witted and expressive ideas and copy she’s your girl! (And if this description isn’t is good as the rest of them it’s because she didn’t write it).

^^Ok Paige, I'm tearing up. Bless your soul.  

Tanya - Director of Wholesale

When she isn't managing the fulfillment of large orders to our wholesale partners, she's rocking various roles within production - as there is nothing this woman cannot do! On a typical day she runs upwards of 6 miles before the sun rises, packs hundreds of products, hand pours a few batches at expert pace and cracks jokes throughout it all - leaving us #inspired.

Shelly - Executive Sales Director

Her extensive background in sales isn't the only thing that renders Shelly a force to be reckoned with.  She is a woman with a vision who will not stop until she has seen it come to fruition. Her drive and determination is contagious! 

Sarah - Director of Customer Service + Fulfillment 

Sarah is our go-to-girl for all things customer service, shipping and fulfillment. She has a knack for problem solving and a tendency to think outside the box. Her willingness to tackle any and every project has been a pivotal element to our continued growth - and we appreciate her tremendously for continuing to bring the heat!



Yours is a forward-thinking company, producing superb products powered by a fantastic group of women! Congratulations!

Judy March 21, 2019

Well done! What a fantastic company!

Wendy Sutter March 11, 2019

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