What is the Clean Color Revolution?

You’ve likely heard of our trademarked phrase “Clean Beauty Revolution” - a term that has represented a political movement to protect consumer health in the personal care product space. It has been a highly successful grassroots effort to introduce people to the idea that not all personal care products are healthy for you to use! Until the last few years - it was a mind boggling concept to many that a product on the shelf available for purchase wouldn’t have gone through rigorous testing to ensure its safety.

So why then the Clean Color Revolution - if the Clean Beauty Revolution has been such a success?

The Clean Beauty Revolution has taken us to the place that we are now - with a generally heightened awareness that 1) clean and green products exist and 2) that it might be in our best interest to pay some attention to what is in our products.

The Clean Color Revolution is meant to illuminate, energize and drive this movement further!

At present, the legislation that we have been supporting is not moving. So in the meantime we decided that we will do all we can to continue to elevate and redefine what it means to be clean in the world of beauty. Feast your eyes upon this fresh definition:

The Clean Color Revolution:

  1. A movement that redefines “clean” in the cosmetic space by proving it is possible to create a product that is 100% non-toxic, paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, allergen friendly, sustainably made and transparently labeled.
  2. A movement demonstrating that it is possible to create truly “clean” cosmetics without sacrificing professional grade performance, stay-power and stunning color play.
  3. A movement that “shows” and “tells” - as the truly “clean” colors and high performing products speak for themselves and make it near impossible to avoid conversations about the clean beauty movement!

We are shining a new full spectrum light on this conversation because “clean cosmetics” have come so incredibly far and it is more important now than ever to keep the momentum going!

Join the Clean Color Revolution by sharing your own colorful spin on the revolution. 

Is your movement bold and bright? Smoldering? Trend-forward? Rule breaking? Neutral? Subtle? Dependent on your mood? You’ve got the “clean” tools to do it all - so let it rip in the name of consumer health!


Team Au Naturale

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